How to build a website without spending millions in 3 easy steps?

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Building a great website doesn’t need to cost you a fortune. On the contrary, you can start on the road to a new career, a change of pace or maybe on the road to stardom. Here are the 3 key steps: 1. Get a domain name. 2. Use a free Content Management System as your website template. 3.  Write great content with great headlines. 1. The first step on your journey to a new life on your website is to get a domain name. Getting a domain name is easy – there are 1000’s of resellers on the internet but you need to make some decisions on the way. a. What is the name for the domain? You need a name that will stick in the minds of the reader. A lot of the names you want maybe already be taken but you can change the domain suffix to suit. Make sure to consider the overall domain name. Let me give you an example. is probably taken but maybe might be available. The question to ask is will the combination of jewellryonline and .tv will be a better option than because .com is so easily remembered. Maybe having a localised domain (for Australia for example) suits you better or bring the local traffic you need and be more available than a .com. b. One you find a name that is available, choose a domain name registrar. Remember, cheapest is not always a the best. Can I contact the registrar is I have issues. What sort of support do thay offer? Email, phone, help desk support. What is the turn around time for support? Is support 24/7? Do you get a login and access to a control panel to make chnages yoiurself. Does this cost more? Is that important. At the same time, don’t spend millions. You should be looking at $20-30 (AUD or USD) per year is enough to get a domain name with a control panel. 2. Use a CMS to build your website. a. The most popular of these are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Mambo to name a few. These are free and there is a plethora (a lot) of information on the internet to get up and running. b. Add a theme or buy custom theme from a design site. Search for your CMS template plus theme in a search engine (Google, Bing) and yiu will see 100s of sites with themes. Alternatively, you can design a brief and you use a site like 99designs to commission a design auction. The themes look amazing for a fraction of the cost of commissioning a web designer. I have seen themes for $20 but really search around for one that suits your needs. c. Get a domain hosting company to keep your up and running. Go cheap (but not too cheap). If it’s too cheap, it might be a garage company and the last thing you want is for your website to be down! (There’s no sucess in that). Look at about $80 (AUD or USD) for hosting that includes good support and access to a control panel. There are cheaper options. Check online and read reviews. d. SEO. Search Engine optimisation. The key to achieving a high ranking in search engines is a major topic in itself. The rules for Google and Bing do change over time but, in a nutshell, your ability to custimise your text and your website headings, especially on the homepage, is a start. Cross links (links from other sites to your site) will aid enormously to drive traffic to your site, ensuring a higher rank. Again, the internet will be your best friend to keep you up to date with the latest techniques. 3. Once your site is up, the content is key. a. Images. Depends on what your site will do or target, try and keep the content great. Get the best quality images you can. Save millions using Stock photos rather thsan using a professional photographer. If you think you can take good photos with your smart phone, it’s not that easy and you will spend a lot f time taking the shot, getting it right and making the software adjustments once the image is taken. This can be a learning curve and serious time imposition. Search online for Stock Photos. iStockPhoto is one I have used. b. Copy. Spelling and grammar can let down any article. Check it before posting and make sure you show it to someone with a critical eye before you hot the Publish button. Look at what other sites do for layout and parapgrahing. There’s a reason that great sites get people to read to the end of the article – not just the first line.   So, there it is. Just an overiew of what you can do to get started on building a website without sending a fortune in 3 easy steps. There are many more details that I could have covered but to get you thinking, I wanted to keep it simple. Good Luck and refer people to my post of sign up for my newsletter. G’Day from Down Under. Martin      

Win a copy of Office 2010

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Migrating WordPress from local to GoDaddy Hosting

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Here is my experience of moving your WordPress site from your local PC/desktop to your webhosting. I will be more specific and say this is mainly relates to GoDaddy hosting plans. I use WAMP locally, which has it’s own issues on setup (mainily due to some other applications using port 80 before your install or Apache already been installed for something else). But this post won’t go into setting up WAMP but into moving your site from the WAMP folder to the GoDaddy hosting site. There are a couple of key things to keeps in mind: 1. Write down every username and password and host server that you use as you may have do some things a number of times before you get your head around it. 2. (And this one got me a number of times) The password you use to log into your WordPress site (see image above) plays no part in the migration. What’s criticial for migration are the user names and passwords of the databases that are created on the hosting site. 3. Make backups of your files by whatever means that you available to you. Now I will say that I have tried to use WordPress guide to migrating sites many time ( and I just found that some of it did not work for me. When you change the site and  home urls, you most likely will make your local site inoperable and myphadmin may not load, so that’s why it’s important that you took a backup – at least you can get it back! So here’s my method: 1. Back up your MySQL database – I use myphpadmin export option to save it to a .sql file. 2. Copy your wordpress .php files and database .sql file to your hosting use a ftp client or the GoDaddy file manager. You can save them to a backup folder first if you like. Most like you will copy them to the root (public html) folder of your hosting site. 3. Your GoDaddy hosting will come with a MySQL database but I like to create my own. When you create your own you will be asked to name it – and this will also be the name of the user name plus give the database a password. This is the most important password. 4. Log into your myphpadmin mySQL console and select the database you created. Grant user rights to the database. I have had issues in the past where the user account of the database does not have any permissions. There is a command: GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON databasename.* TO “wordpressusername”@”hostname”   IDENTIFIED BY “password”;  that needs to be run. I had some problems getting this to run in the SQL query window. Log a support case with GoGaddy if you have the same issues. 5.  Make sure that you can display a basic webpage on GoDaddy site. For example, try and browse  to where is the name of your domain and index.html is a simple html file saying “This works”. If you just updated your DNS at your domain name, you may need to wait until that propogates. Use MXToolBox or another to test that your domain name is directed to the GoDdaddy server. 6. Update the Home and SiteURL field values of the wp_options table to the name of your domain name eg. . I used MySQL console, connect to the database and run an sql query to find out the option ids of the home and siteurl in the wp_options table. then run an update statement to change the current value to current domain name eg. 7. Edit the wp-config.php file with the database settings. The user name is the database username; the database will most like be the same as the username as these are the same field when setting up your database; the password is the database password and the server will be the GoDaddy server. For this look for the server name in myPHPadmin. It will be a long name with the databasename. That’s it. You should be able to get to the login page of your WordPress site at the address I hope that works for you. I will attempt to modify this article as I use it next time and as I learn more and gain feedback from the wider community. Good Luck to all. Martin

Broadband choice

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Are you still tied to your ISP because of your email address? Most things in life increase in price. That is generally not the case for technology. It is almost impossible to keep pace with the change in technology and one thing is for sure, ISP (Internet Service Provider) plans get cheaper over time. The ISPs will constantly review their pans as prices fall at the wholesale level and outdated technology get replaced with something new and faster. In most cases, most ISPs will not automatically move you to better plans – you need to speak to them about what is available. Customers will generally be on a 12 or 24 month contract and be using the ISPs email address, which they’ll gladly give free to you knowing that changing it will be difficult and time consuming decision. Kozma Technology recommends all business have a domain name based email address so that they are not tied to their ISP and are able to review their charges as contract as up for renewal. A domain based email address looks more professional and is available after purchasing a domain name and attaching it to a hosting service. Office 365 is a great scalable solution for small business who want a domain name based email and be able to get delivery of that email on a PC/laptop, most browsers and most smart phones. Once you have your email setup, you are able to change your ISP when contracts expire without impact on email addresses. Here is a link to an Australian comparison guide of ISPs in this country: For information on domain names, Office 365 domain based email addresses or other features, contact or fill in the contact information in the sidebar. Martin  

Website Design

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A website is the equivalent of a flyer or brochure of days gone past. Some people ssay that websites are expensive but they have  quickly forgotten the cost of producing a multi-page brochure. The design costs, the typesetting and the printing made it an investment that needed some calculated investigation. These days the cost of hosting a website with a domain is hundreds of dollars less than than setting up a printer for typesetting and running a batch. The design costs of a website can be very simple to very complex depending on requirements. At Kozma Technology, we offer a website service for small business to get a web presence on the net. These sites range from very basic information which include some costs for content, typically a logo, web banner and some images, to a slightly more complex site which includes images that can slide on the page, as contact form and other plug-ins that are cost effective to implement. For those who want high end graphic design websites, Kozma Technology  can recommend a number of excellent companies who specialise in high end web design. Any questions, feel free to email us at or go to our contact form in the sidebar.  

Kozma Technology Group Subscription Coupon Bonus

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For all subscribers to our Kozma Technology group, we are offering a 15% discount on all setup fees incurred. Please quote the following coupon code when ordering: [coupon code=”1″ /] This offer is valid until 30th June 2012. ip address domain properties . web headers