BPOS to Office 365 migration special offer

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  Here is s a special offer from Kozma technology to help Small Business migrate to Microsoft’s enhances version of their BPOS cloud solution called Office 365. All the details are available on the link below. Need to transition from BPOS to Office 365 Contact Martin at martin@kozmatech.com or (03)9018 6599 Limited places so be quick as the offer will fill up quickly!  

70-536 study

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70-536 was the most demanding Microsoft course I have studied. I passed on the first try (just) but I spent more than a year on and off going through the material. First of all, I read the Microsoft Training book a couple of times before starting on the practice guides. I bought a couple of training kits early – uCertify and TestKing but it took a very long time to get the higher passing scores, and that worried me because if I was struggling on questions I had seen before then would would happen in the real test environment. Obviously I still did not have a good enough grasp of the concepts. I tried taking notes on weak areas, looking at msdn sites and using any forums on the exam I could find. I needed to make the effort to sit this exam or else the motivation would have disappeared and would have been time wasted. I decided to buy Transcender practice exam. It’s a little bit more expensive but what I like is that that explanations are the best of all and for this exam I needed it. I “bit the bullet” and enrolled for the exam and used the practice exams like a madman. I made practice notes on my weak areas but I was not overly confident. I was concerned about the questions that you needed to put in order and the questions where there was not on straight answer. I did find over time in the multiple answer questions that one answer was blatantly obviosuly wrong so that at least narrowed the options. I went for the exam knowing I need to get above 700 and I thought there was 42 questions, which meant that I needed to be positive about 29 questions. One I got in the exam, I was presented with a different format that what I was expecting: we had a case study where there 4 questions, then the 42 questions, then another case study of 4 questions. One thing to note is you cannot go back to the case studies once you have moved on to the main section. You can only review within the section. I breathed slowly and took my time, trying to think that the case studies were just another way of framing the question. So with 50 questions all up, I figured I need to have at least 35 correct if there were all of equal value. I marked the questions I was not sure after reviewed them after I finished the first time through. I tried to add up in my mind how I was going and I knew I was very close to the pass mark with quite a few I was not sure of. After I decided to press the final submit button, I held my breath and hoped and got….700 – right on the pass line. What a relief and what joy! Now I have moved onto my 7-562 and how much deloighting in how much easier the study is. I hope that the hardest exam is behind me.   Good luck to all studying 70-536 and keep going – never give up- pass or fail – you’ll get there in the end. Martin