My Server Just Exploded!

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That horrible moment when an employee just realising their server died If Only! The instant realisation that you could have prevented the week turning into a disaster – in terms of both cost and lost productivity. Hardware failures are not a matter of ‘IF’ – they are a matter of ‘WHEN’ Server maintenance is critical to ongoing smooth running of a company. Whether you’re a small business running your files on a laptop in the corner of the office or running full scaled servers, call us NOW to check that everything will be running smoothly for the upcoming year. When it’s time for a server to be replaced, Kozma Technology’s experienced staff can manage the process for you, ensuring minimum downtime with little or no loss of productivity. Call us on 1300 656 250 of email [sgmb id=”1″][sgmb id=”2″][sgmb id=”3″]

Where are all my files gone?!!!

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Lost files! Virus corruption! It all adds up to one thing: lost time and lost money $$$$$ Ensure you have adequate backup solutions in place or so, when was the last time you actually restored something to verify the contents. At Kozma Technology, we will check your backup solutions for desktop, server, tablet or mobile to make sure you have peace of mind. Still backing up your email, then consider a move to Office 365 – you’ll save the time and effort of the back up as well as built in email security services. Contact us NOW and schedule an appointment on 1300 656 250 or Better now than before it’s too late! [sgmb id=”1″] [sgmb id=”2″] [sgmb id=”3″]

You’ve put it off for too long!!

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You know that the benefits for performing those upgrades are worth it but there was jus not the time to do it – the year is almost gone! Well, with summer around the corner, let’s just GET IT DONE!. Whether it’s that server back-up scheduling, server maintenance, network and computer cabinet clean up , moving your email system to cloud based Office 365 or your documents from a PC to a cloud based service, we can help you through the summer. Give us a call on 1300 656 250 for a free project analysis and we’ll give you all the straight answers you need. Why are you waiting? We’re only a phone call away. [sgmb id=”1″] [sgmb id=”2″]