Kozma Technology was founded in 2003, when its founder, Martin Kozma, started his own business of software consulting and management.

Martin supported software companies including Information & Display Systems Inc (IDS), the family automotive component manufacturing business Kozma Industries, and worked on projects for IDS for the US Open Tennis, Australian Open Tennis and AELTC (Wimbledon).

Before even considering technological improvements, Kozma Technology thoroughly scrutinizes business processes in order to identify opportunities to improve company processes.

Kozma Technology works in the development and project management areas delivering real business outcomes for clients and providing first class support.

More recently, the emergence of internet or "Cloud" solutions has made it possible for Kozma Technology to be able to provide enterprise solutions for small business. These cloud solutions come in many forms: email, document storage, communication systems and crm products. Kozma Technology is positioning itself for the next big phase of the computer evolution.

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Never happy to stand still in an industry that never does, Kozma Technology screens and analyses new technologies and provides recommendations to clients.

-Martin Kozma - Founder


We specialize in small business needs

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