The Giant Has Landed

Amazon opens in Australia
Amazon opens in Australia

Amazon's entry for physical goods may initially underwhelm - as shouted out by Harvey Norman owner Gerry Harvey.

Harvey talked about pricing on items being the same or even higher than local retailers - but it's early days and they should be prepared for the marathon - not the sprint.

However, with FREE shipping on orders over $50, this mega company will shake up the local market.

With an ever increasing stock offering and then Amazon prime offering free shipping for an annual fee, the local landscape is about to change.

Christmas 2017 may be a little late for people to jump in but 2018 looks like it will an interesting battle looming.

There has been some fear on the "parcel pirate" theft in the US as people take on larger, more expensive items and have them delivered to home addresses as the delivering to post offices out of business hours has been a barrier to online shopping. 

It looms as an interesting battle within the next 12 months.


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