Broadband choice

Are you still tied to your ISP because of your email address?

Most things in life increase in price. That is generally not the case for technology.

It is almost impossible to keep pace with the change in technology and one thing is for sure, ISP (Internet Service Provider) plans get cheaper over time. The ISPs will constantly review their pans as prices fall at the wholesale level and outdated technology get replaced with something new and faster.

In most cases, most ISPs will not automatically move you to better plans – you need to speak to them about what is available. Customers will generally be on a 12 or 24 month contract and be using the ISPs email address, which they’ll gladly give free to you knowing that changing it will be difficult and time consuming decision.

Kozma Technology recommends all business have a domain name based email address so that they are not tied to their ISP and are able to review their charges as contract as up for renewal. A domain based email address looks more professional and is available after purchasing a domain name and attaching it to a hosting service. Office 365 is a great scalable solution for small business who want a domain name based email and be able to get delivery of that email on a PC/laptop, most browsers and most smart phones.

Once you have your email setup, you are able to change your ISP when contracts expire without impact on email addresses. Here is a link to an Australian comparison guide of ISPs in this country:

For information on domain names, Office 365 domain based email addresses or other features, contact or fill in the contact information in the sidebar.