Website Design

Website Template example

A website is the equivalent of a flyer or brochure of days gone past.

Some people ssay that websites are expensive but they have  quickly forgotten the cost of producing a multi-page brochure. The design costs, the typesetting and the printing made it an investment that needed some calculated investigation.

These days the cost of hosting a website with a domain is hundreds of dollars less than than setting up a printer for typesetting and running a batch.

The design costs of a website can be very simple to very complex depending on requirements.

At Kozma Technology, we offer a website service for small business to get a web presence on the net.

These sites range from very basic information which include some costs for content, typically a logo, web banner and some images, to a slightly more complex site which includes images that can slide on the page, as contact form and other plug-ins that are cost effective to implement.

For those who want high end graphic design websites, Kozma Technology  can recommend a number of excellent companies who specialise in high end web design.

Any questions, feel free to email us at info@kozmatech.com or go to our contact form in the sidebar.