Cloud Computing 101

What is all this cloud computing hype?

Simply put, “Cloud” refers to the internet and as the cost of moving data between local hard drives and the internet gets faster, cheaper, people have begun to move applications to the internet as well.

We might all have a web email address as our first cloud computing experience: an email account we could access from any computer anywhere.

Following on from web email, people began storing their photos online in storage sites like Flickr and Google’s Picasa Web albums.

We just need to extend thyat model out to just about anything we do on a computer in our daily lives.

Google continues to push those boundaries with other products such as Google Apps with web and email hosting on the internet for anywhere access.

Now the last bastion  of local data, the server applications that we accessed from our local domain are being pushed into the cloud with services like Amazon web Services, ??? and the soon to be released Microsoft Azure.

We are at the beginning of the next computing revolution where are data has to be available anytime from anywhere.

The law makers are slow to react to this new borderless frontier and need to catch up fast.

Where it ends? Who knows! ip address domain properties . web headers