What’s holding you back?

Office 365

Get your Office (365) moving!

Stuck in the mud?
Chained to the desk?
Small Business owners sometimes didn't realise that, when they began there life as their own boss, that they might have to deal with all the technologies that make the world go around today.
Remember that the key is to focus on your strengths and not let other distractions get in the way.
So, if you're starting out or if you've already along the journey, start with the basics:
Step 1. You need an email address to handle questions. The new generation is even less likely to call you on your mobile (I'm not  even going to ask if you have one of those). My recommendation: get a cloud based email system that backs upp itself. Office 365 is a great platform for businesses of any size.

Step 2. You need a way of separating your personal and business expenses or else when it's time to work this out, either you or your accountant/bookeeper are going to spend a lot of time (and in the latter's case money) decoding it. My recommendation: Get a separate debit/credit card.

Step 3. Filing systems - don't get me started on this one. I've seen filing systems in which I was sure the office was ransacked. You want to claim your business expenses on tax (or at least make your accountant decide) so have a separate container for all receipts. Remember you have to keep them for 5 years if audited. My recommendation: Get a cloud accounting software. Many will allow you to take a photo and assign it to an expense.

Step 4. You need to tell people what you do? Brochures were the way go a while ago but we've on from there. The internet provides a myriad of options. From custom or free websites (you still need someone to build them) to ready made platforms like Facebook. These can all showcase in words and pictures what you do.
My recommendation: start with a dedicated Facebook page and then once that free medium hits some walls as far as what you want to do, look for a custom website to complement it.

Step 5. You need some work. Target your market area closely. Who's the competition? Where's my point of difference and use that in marketing. My recommendation: complement any print advertising with articles or posts linked to a website or Facebook page.

Now some if these recommendations require you to spend some money! The additional question to ask is "How much time will this save me?" along with "How much does it cost?" Then you have a chance to decide if the outlay if a good investment.

For any information on streamlining your business process, help with Office or Office 365 product or just need discussion on an issue you're facing, contact us on 1300 656 250.

Martin Kozma is the Director of Kozma Technology has been involved in small businesses and improving processes for 20 years and specialising in Microsoft technologies.

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