Work for Anywhere with Office 365 Migration Services

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Our Office 365 migration services will save you a bundle!

Do you still need to go to the office to get your email?

Are you only able to access your email from a single device?

Chances are you are using an older form of an email service.

Already know you want to move to the cloud but just need the office 365 migration services to help you get there?

With Office 365 email service, you can have your email on any device and accessible from any location.

Take a look to see the service and get excited: Office 365 Service

Using a mobile phone? Nearly every smart phone has the possibility of being your office when you need it, so that you can respond quicker to those customer enquiries.

It all synchronises and you never have to back up your email ever again.

It’s value beyond belief with plans starting from $5.40 a user per month.

We can organise all your Office 365 migration needs for a budget for each organisation, from 1 to 100 employees.
The migration tools for Office 365 that we use will mean that the conversion is simple and painless.

Call us now and just a simple question:  “What does it take?”

We’ll talk you through the features, the road map and show you how simple an Office 365 migration is – leaving you business up and running while we focus on the migration tasks.

Once in the cloud, appointment scheduling, free/busy for colleague calendars, Skype for Business communications, 1 terabyte (1000 GB) of cloud storage is fingertips away.

Don’t delay! You competitors are already reacting.

We offer an end to end solution for all your Office 365 needs.

For all your email, office 365 email migrations, Exchange migrations, SharePoint document questions, SharePoint or OneDrive document migrations, call us on 1300 656 250.

Martin Kozma
Kozma Technology
Kozma Technology Office 365 Migrations

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